Tecnacorp S.A.C. is a Peruvian company with 30 years present the market, dedicated to the whole processing of the Tara pod´s fruit, which is native from Peru, biologically known as Caesalpinia Spinosa.

Tecnacorp S.A.C. in agreements with several Peasant Associations, manages the collection of the Tara pod (our main raw material), for its process in our own facilities in Lima, exporting its derivative products to the most demanding markets in the world.

We have high quality products for the highly recognized worldwide international market.

Our Tara Gum TGM is considered a food ingredient, which is processed in our new and modern facilities in the capital city of Lima.     Its marketing aimes worldwide throughout the food industry as ingredient, thickener, texturizer and stabilizer, of exceptional quality, high viscosity, even in cold cold solutions at 25°C.  Its own viscosity and functionality features allows it to be used in very small amounts, but within a very broad market.



By using a completely separate process in a diferent building, we obtain the Tara Powder which is a 100% vegetable tannin, primarily intended for re-tanning of soft leathers, for the demanding industries of upholstery, especially for automobiles, shoes and clothing made with fine, soft and clear leathers.

We offer to the world´s market, a 100% pure vegetable quality product of high performance, also warrantied by our experienced team of engineers.

Tara Powder provides the benefits of 100% natural products origin, replacing chemical products on the re-tanning industry, protecting the our health and environment.
The characteristics and properties of our tara powder are unbeatable comparatively with competing in the market of soft leather processing.

Tecnacorp S.A.C. keeps an ongoing challenge within our Department of New Product Development (R & D), from the same Tara pod.

Our personalized service, professionalism and projection towards growth and development, makes Tecnacorp S.A.C.  the perfect “ALLY COMPANY” which will give you complete satisfaction, excellence and quality.
Main office and Production plant
Calle 7, Mz. F, Lote 8, Urb. Campoy, San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima 36 - Perú
Mails and Samples
Jirón Tintoretto N° 283, San Borja, Lima 41 – Perú
Phone number
+ 511- 386 2937